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Enjoy Jelly Quest Mania Game

“Jelly Quest Mania” is an engaging and colorful match-3 arcade adventure game. The primary objective of the game is to match three or more jellies of the same type to collect them, aiming to complete various objectives before running out of time or moves. This gameplay offers a fun and relaxing experience, typical of the match-3 genre.

Set in a diverse environment, the game takes place on an island with both warm and cold temperature zones. Players navigate through different levels with varying board shapes, adding an interesting twist to the classic match-3 formula. Some levels feature challenges like jellies locked under metal bars, which require players to make matches around them to unlock. The game also introduces elements like jellies that change appearance by flipping in their spaces on the board, further enhancing the gameplay experience.

Players need to strategize to make the best use of their moves, looking for potential matches that can be made with one move. The game is designed to rearrange the jellies automatically if the player runs out of moves, and it also offers the option to use boosters for added help. Successful completion of levels rewards players with up to three golden stars and coins, adding a sense of achievement.