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Run 1

If you want to play latest version, go play Run 3.

Run is a 3D platformer game that offers a unique twist on the genre. In this game, players control a small gray alien as it runs through a series of increasingly challenging mazes set in space. The game’s minimalist art style and simple controls make it accessible and visually appealing, while its challenging gameplay offers plenty of depth.

In Run, the gameplay involves navigating through a 3D tunnel filled with gaps and obstacles. The twist is that players can defy gravity by running up the walls and even onto the ceiling. This mechanic adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay, forcing players to think quickly and react to changing perspectives. The game’s levels increase in difficulty, with more complex mazes and faster speeds, providing a continuous challenge.

Despite its simplicity, Run provides a highly engaging and addictive gaming experience. The combination of fast-paced gameplay, innovative mechanics, and escalating difficulty make it a standout game. Its unique take on the platformer genre and its minimalist aesthetic have helped it become a favorite among casual gamers.