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Run 2

Run 3 is the latest version to try.

Run 2 builds on the innovative gameplay and minimalist aesthetic of the original Run game, introducing new mechanics and features. In Run 2, players can choose between two characters, the Runner and the Skater, each with their unique abilities and gameplay styles. The Runner is more controllable, while the Skater is faster and can jump further, adding a new layer of strategy to the game.

The core gameplay in Run 2 remains the same, with players navigating through 3D mazes while defying gravity. However, the game introduces a new mechanic where certain sections of the maze can disappear or become solid, adding an extra challenge. The game’s levels are also more complex and varied, offering a wider range of challenges and experiences.

Run 2 offers a satisfying and challenging experience, combining fast-paced gameplay, innovative mechanics, and a unique minimalist aesthetic. The addition of new characters and mechanics adds depth and variety to the gameplay, making Run 2 a worthy sequel to the original game.