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About Color Maze Puzzle Game

“Color Maze” is a captivating and challenging puzzle game that involves navigating a maze by painting it using a small ball. The core objective of the game is to move the ball from one end of a path to another, attempting to paint the entire floor of each level. The gameplay is intuitive yet progressively challenging, as players can only move the ball in straight lines, either vertically or horizontally, and it cannot bend in the middle of a path.

As players advance through the levels, the complexity of the mazes increases, offering a more challenging experience. This game tests not only the player’s puzzle-solving skills but also their strategic planning, as they need to figure out how to cover the entire maze without retracing their steps.

“Color Maze” is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of players, running on various devices and browsers without the need for downloads or installations. Its simple yet engaging mechanics make it suitable for both casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts looking for a stimulating experience​​​​​​.