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The third installment of the series, BoxRob 3, stays true to the formula that made the previous games successful while introducing new elements that make the gameplay even more challenging and enjoyable. Your job remains the same – maneuver your vehicle to collect boxes, transport them to the designated truck, and carefully position them within the highlighted areas using the ‘E’ key.

BoxRob 3 ramps up the challenge with more complex levels that require strategic planning and sharp precision. The box placement becomes more difficult, with the highlighted areas in the trucks designed in more intricate ways. These increasingly complicated scenarios demand a strong grasp of the game mechanics and an ability to think outside the box.

Maintaining the tradition from the previous games, BoxRob 3 also includes stars spread throughout each level. Collecting these while accomplishing your primary task adds an extra layer of strategy and challenge to the gameplay. BoxRob 3 is a robust addition to the series that offers a more advanced challenge, ensuring that the engaging gameplay remains fresh and exciting for all players.