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BoxRob 2 expands on the unique gameplay mechanics of the original game, thrusting you back into the role of the hardworking truck loader. Continuing from where the first game left off, you are still responsible for maneuvering boxes and carefully placing them in their designated spots within the truck. As always, your trusty vehicle and the ‘E’ key are your primary tools for picking up and positioning boxes.

Building on the original, BoxRob 2 introduces even more complex loading scenarios that will test your problem-solving skills and precision. The highlighted areas within the truck become more intricately designed, requiring even more care and precision to correctly position the boxes. This added layer of complexity ensures that even experienced players of the first game will find fresh challenges in BoxRob 2.

The quest for the coveted three-star score continues in BoxRob 2, as each level features stars scattered in tricky locations. Collecting these while successfully loading the truck adds another strategic layer to the game. BoxRob 2 is a worthy successor that enhances the original game’s winning formula, offering new challenges that will captivate both new players and returning veterans.

You can now play Boxrob 3.