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Wheely 6 The Fairytale

In “Wheely 6”, Wheely and his beloved are whisked away into a fairy tale world, where they must navigate through a series of challenges inspired by classic stories. This installment cleverly integrates elements from various fairy tales into the puzzles, offering a fresh and whimsical twist to the gameplay.

The narrative of “Wheely 6” is a delightful blend of whimsy and adventure, with each level representing a different fairy tale. The puzzles are intricately designed around these fairy tales, challenging players to navigate through magical forests, escape from wicked witches, and outsmart cunning wolves.

“Wheely 6” maintains the series’ standard of vibrant, colorful graphics and smooth animations. The fairy tale theme allows for a wide range of fantastical environments and characters, further enhancing the game’s visual appeal. The charm of familiar fairy tales, coupled with challenging puzzles and a lovable protagonist, makes “Wheely 6” a standout in the wheely series games.

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