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About this Puzzle game

“Trollface Quest Horror 2” continues the comedic journey of the original game, diving even deeper into the realm of horror parodies and quirky puzzles. With a fresh set of scenarios, players are once again faced with a series of challenges that are anything but ordinary. Inspired by popular horror movies, TV shows, and even some pop culture phenomena, this sequel brings more laughs, wacky solutions, and unexpected outcomes.

Just like its predecessor, in “Trollface Quest Horror 2″, players navigate a variety of puzzles that mock iconic moments from the world of horror. But remember, the solutions to these puzzles defy conventional logic. Players must put on their thinking caps and be ready to embrace the absurd. One can never predict what will happen next, whether it’s a parody of a famous horror villain or a silly twist to a jump scare scene.

The game’s hand-drawn graphics, amusing animations, and unpredictable solutions create a light-hearted atmosphere, making it a delightful contrast to the often grim world of horror. If you enjoyed the humor and unique puzzles of the first game, “Trollface Quest Horror 2” offers even more laughs, surprises, and oddball challenges. It’s a must-play for those who love a blend of humor, horror, and brain-bending puzzles.