About Rockitty Game

“Rockitty” is a dynamic and imaginative game featuring a distinctive green cat character known for its unique appearance and abilities. Each level of the game introduces different challenges and environments, requiring players to utilize Rockitty’s special skills strategically.

Character Description:

  • Appearance: Rockitty is a green cat with a single gold eye in the center of its face. The character wears a pink space helmet with a glowing antenna and a red collar with a bell. A white skull on its belly and small legs complete its look.

Gameplay Overview:

  • Level 1: Rockitty uses a machine to fly in space, rebounding off objects and sticking to pink goo. The goal is to find the kitty cruiser while navigating through obstacles, activating switches, and interacting with space cows and small planets.
  • Level 2: The challenge involves avoiding lava, with precision aiming being crucial. Rockitty wishes for more lives as it smashes through asteroids.
  • Level 3: In the Milky Way, Rockitty swims in milk, changes direction to catch fish, and scores points by touching space cows.
  • Level 6: Rockitty encounters space junk, contrasting it with its luxurious kitty class cruiser.
  • Level 8: The task is to knock kitty keys together to unlock special doors.
  • Level 10: Rockitty avoids dangerous space squids while exploiting their weak spots.
  • Level 13: The level is filled with deadly explosives, requiring careful leaps, though Rockitty can safely interact with force fields.
  • Level 16: High temperatures make quick movements essential to avoid destruction.
  • Level 20: Cannons shoot bubbles that Rockitty can use for transportation across the level.

How to Play Rockitty:

  • Movement and Navigation: Players control Rockitty’s movement, utilizing its abilities to fly, rebound, and interact with various elements in each level.
  • Objective: The main goal varies per level, involving navigating through hazards, solving puzzles, and utilizing environmental elements like goo, space cows, and bubbles.
  • Strategy: Players must strategize the best use of Rockitty’s abilities and the environment to successfully complete each level’s unique challenges.

The game “Rockitty” offers a blend of action, puzzle-solving, and adventure, appealing to players who enjoy whimsical and creative gameplay. The character’s unique design and abilities, combined with the diverse challenges of each level, provide an engaging and entertaining experience.