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“Open Restaurant” is an isometric restaurant management game that immerses players in the bustling environment of a busy eatery. In the game, players take on multiple roles within the restaurant, including MaĆ®tre D’, waiter, server, cashier, and cleaner. This multifaceted approach to gameplay challenges players to manage various aspects of restaurant operations effectively.

Each day in the game comes with a specific score requirement that must be met to progress to the next day. This adds a level of challenge and urgency to the gameplay, as players must ensure that they are efficient and effective in their various roles to meet these daily targets.

The game mechanics are intuitive and engaging. Players start by tapping the menu to find an empty table, then proceed to take food orders from customers. Once the food is ready in the kitchen, players serve it to the customers. After the customers have finished eating, players collect payments and then clear the tables for the next guests. This cycle simulates the real-world experience of running a restaurant, requiring players to be attentive to the needs of their customers and efficient in their service.

“Open Restaurant” is a fast-paced game that simulates the dynamic world of hospitality. Players step into the shoes of a waiter working in a popular restaurant, with the task of ensuring that every guest has a memorable dining experience. This involves not only serving food and taking orders but also managing the overall flow and ambiance of the restaurant.

The game is developed as a JavaScript web application, utilizing cross-platform, mobile-friendly HTML. This makes it accessible on various devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Overall, “Open Restaurant” offers an engaging and realistic simulation of restaurant management, challenging players to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously while ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting daily business goals.