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Let’s play Money Movers 3

“Money Movers 3” is the third installment in the popular “Money Movers” series, where the objective remains navigating through levels to collect money and reach the exit safely. However, this version introduces a twist: instead of controlling the two brothers from the earlier games, players take on the roles of the guard and his loyal dog.

In “Money Movers 3”, the duo works together to apprehend criminals who escaped from the prison. While the guard can interact with heavy objects and mechanisms, the dog is swift, can fit into tight spaces, and scare away the prisoners. The levels become more intricate and challenging as the game progresses, with puzzles that require coordination between the guard and the dog to solve.

The hand-drawn graphics and the quirky animations maintain the game’s light-hearted tone. Strategy and timing are essential, as both characters have specific skills needed to traverse the various obstacles and capture the criminals. Each level presents unique challenges and requires players to think critically about how best to use the duo’s abilities in tandem.

As with the previous installments, “Money Movers 3” offers engaging puzzles that can be enjoyed solo or with a friend in a cooperative mode. Its mix of strategy, timing, and teamwork makes it an addictive play for puzzle enthusiasts.