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Playing Misspelled on Papas.Games

As a petite wizard in Misspelled, your quest involves traversing through each level, a feat impossible without the assistance of your magical spells. Use either the arrow keys or the WASD keys for navigation and jumping around the platform. As you venture further into the game, you’ll acquire new spells. To cast a spell, select a location on the screen and type it out, pressing ENTER to materialize it. You can also click and drag to adjust the spell’s location.

The first spell you’ll master in Misspelled is R-O-C-K-S, providing you with an additional platform to stand on. But be mindful of where you cast or move your spells! As you progress, you’ll learn more spells, but remember to keep your spell list handy, as you might need to use them at any moment. Your spellcasting ability per level is limited, represented by the stars in the top corner.

Misspelled is comprised of 15 levels, each increasingly challenging with more obstacles, jumps, and action-packed sequences. Your objective in each level is to dodge these obstacles and reach the final goal. Will you make the magic happen and achieve the ultimate goal?

Individual words endure. Casting spells as individual words, specifically words without a trailing ‘s’, creates a solid object that remains intact. For instance, casting R-O-C-K-S creates separate objects for each letter, which may disintegrate when dropped.

Double the benefit. An alternative approach involves placing plural words on ledges, causing them to break into different components as they fall. Each letter retains its power, even when separated, enabling you to utilize a single spell in multiple ways!

Misspelled puts your memory skills to the test under pressure. You must remember all the spells and their correct spellings as you navigate through the game. The game enhances spelling and vocabulary skills, as well as improves your hand-eye coordination. You’ll need to quickly react to the game’s action, making the right jumps and movements while accurately hitting the correct keys at the right time.