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Online Puzzle Game – Liquid 2

Liquid 2 takes the unique gameplay concept of its predecessor and expands upon it, introducing new challenges and mechanics. The game consists of three different worlds, each with its unique set of puzzles and obstacles. However, players must first prove their mettle in World 1 before they can unlock and explore Worlds 2 and 3. This structure encourages mastery of the game’s mechanics and provides a sense of progression as players advance through a total of 27 meticulously designed levels.

The mechanics of Liquid 2 involve controlling the environment, not the liquid itself. Players use the arrow keys to manipulate the world, causing the liquid to flow in various directions depending on the obstacles encountered. This unique control scheme adds an interesting twist to the puzzle genre, tasking players with rethinking their approach to problem-solving.

The distinguishing feature of Liquid 2 is the game’s focus on indirect control. Rather than directly manipulating the liquid, players need to control the world around it. The liquid only moves when there’s a space for it to go, so players must strategically manipulate the environment to guide the liquid towards its destination. This innovative approach to puzzle-solving makes Liquid 2 a captivating and unique experience in the puzzle game genre.