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Play Learn to Fly 2: The Emperor Strikes Back

Learn to Fly 2 continues the story of the flightless penguin from the first game. This time, the penguin is not just content to prove it can fly but is on a mission to take revenge on the iceberg that stopped its first flight. This sequel introduces new gameplay elements and challenges, building on the original’s engaging premise and gameplay mechanics.

In Learn to Fly 2, the upgrade system is expanded, offering a wider variety of sleds, gliders, propulsion aids, and even payload options for destructive purposes. The game also introduces a new storyline, complete with cutscenes and a final boss, which adds depth and motivation to the gameplay. The objective of the game is not only about distance this time but also about destruction, as players must destroy the iceberg that ended the penguin’s first flight attempt.

Learn to Fly 2 maintains the addictive and satisfying progression system of the first game while adding new layers of strategy and depth. The game’s charming humor, engaging storyline, and expanded gameplay mechanics make it a worthy sequel that offers an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.

You can now play Learn to Fly 3.