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About the Game

“Boxing Live” plunges you into the thrilling world of boxing, offering an authentic simulation of the sport. You start as an aspiring boxer, training, and battling it out in matches to climb the ranks in the world of professional boxing. Each fight is a fresh challenge, an opportunity to hone your skills, testing your reflexes, timing, and strategic thinking.

In “Boxing Live”, achieving success extends beyond merely landing punches. You need to train your boxer, enhancing his strength, agility, and endurance. Understanding the game mechanics and mastering the controls are important, but honing your boxer’s skills and crafting effective strategies for each match are vital for your advancement in the game.

The game also features a comprehensive character customization system, granting you the freedom to shape your boxer’s appearance and fighting style. With its combination of detailed customization, accurate boxing simulation, and strategic gameplay, “Boxing Live” provides an immersive and exciting boxing experience.