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Info About Bed and Breakfast

Play the 2nd Version here.

Bed and Breakfast is a fun time-management game where you run a small guesthouse and try to turn it into a 5-star luxury hotel. In this game, you need to check in guests, take their luggage, feed them, and make sure they are happy. The happier your guests are, the more money you make. With the money earned, you can upgrade your hotel by adding new rooms, hiring staff, and improving facilities​.

The game challenges your multitasking skills as you juggle various tasks to keep your guests satisfied. You need to be quick and attentive, as guests will leave if they have to wait too long. Each level gets progressively harder, with more guests and more complex tasks to manage. This keeps the gameplay exciting and engaging as you strive to improve your hotel’s reputation​.

Upgrades play a crucial role in the game, allowing you to improve your services and attract more guests. You can add features like a presidential suite, hire a chef, and decorate your hotel to make it more appealing. With strategic planning and quick actions, you can turn your simple bed and breakfast into a top-tier hotel​.